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Time of changes

We live in a world where everything is hectic, where everything runs, where we no longer think about the actions we take. Without reflecting on the weight that our behaviors have on the surrounding environment and on our long-term happiness.

Lusso sostenibile

We live in this messy world where buying new things makes us happy and throwing old makes us free. We live in a world where we no longer have know ledge of the value and true luxury that our life has. We should try to slow down, take some time. We should try to pay attention to the true moments that make us happy.

We should try to remember the true value of things.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

Mass conservation

In the world nothing is created and nothing is destroyed: it’s the first principle of Lavoisier. All that is around us is not “thrown away ” nature recycles.

The atoms that today make up this sheet of pa per, this plant, this bottle will one day make up something else in a continuous and infinite cycle.

Why not apply this natural principle even to the world of fashion?


We need to learn from the past: learn not to throw away, learn to reuse, learn to repair, learn to recycle. At the same time we must not forget about beauty: very often the concept of recycling is combined with an idea of cheap. The next step is to make recycling a creative and improved conversion process.

We are no longer talking about recycling but UP-CYCLING. Our challenge is to give a new value to old things; muchmore interesting from an economic, aesthetic, functional and emotional point of view, precisely because it originates from recycle draw materials of the highest quality that are reinterpreted by creative designers and worked by the hands of expert luxury craftsmen to new life.

The fibers of yesterday's clothes will be those of tomorrow's clothes.

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