La Petite - Collection N01

We are happy to anticipate the presentation of "La Petite - Collection N01" for the Fall-Winter 2021/2022 season. Thirty-five garments made in the materials that characterize our brand.

Collection N01 FALL-WINTER 2022


Garments to wear in moments of relax without ever losing their style and their femininity.

Moments filled with the things you love.

Time to take care of ourselfs.
Time to relax.
Time to live slowly.

Garments to wear in moments of relax, at home but also in free time, without ever losing their style and their femininity.

Thirty-five small jewels that will accompany you in the most intimate moments, moments all for you. A Saturday morning in autumn, a cup of hot coffee, a book read slowly, a walk in the park, a day of freedom.


FW2022 Collection


FW2022 Collection

Give yourself some time
Like morning lights
when, little by little, they come in through the windows.

Give yourself some time and lenghten yourself to life.
Like gentle shadows
when they unfold on kitchen walls.

Give yourself some time, give it to yourself.

Might it be good time.
Might it be unique time.
That time used with respect.

Live it as you prefere
Spend it in what you like
Use it without asking permission.

That will be the time that over all will make you happy.


FW2022 Collection

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