Daniele Fiesoli Woman - Collection N01

A project that has always been kept in our company drawer, the women's collection is relatively young. The roots of this new adventure lie in the memories of a capsule linked to the men's collection, a fragment of inspiration presented in Italy in 2018. It was a taste of a bold concept that was taking shape, a prelude to the destiny that the women's collection would embrace. Over the subsequent seasons, this vision grew roots, found its essence and gained a unique identity. Then, with the hum of the new year, in January 2020 to be precise, it decided it was time to unveil itself completely, to emerge from the shadows and present itself to the world as an autonomous style statement.

Collection N01 FALL-WINTER 2023


A sovereign spirit that does not follow trends but creates them instinctively, affirming her personality by paying attention to the quality of the materials.


FW2023 Collection

Hence COLLECTION_01, a manifesto of authenticity and sophistication. Its creations are inspired by a simple, yet deeply evocative concept: beauty is in the essentials. With a daring determination to create rather than follow trends, the Women's collection creates its own path, drawing the lines of its own distinctive character. In this collection, elegance merges with essentiality, creating an extraordinary balance that reflects the true nature of the contemporary woman.

The creations speak the language of sensuality, enveloping the woman in fabrics that caress the skin and gently embrace the body. The feeling of comfort is a signature, an imprint of Daniele Fiesoli. Comfort is never the renunciation of refined materials. On the contrary, it is the quality of the yarns and the craftsmanship that make each piece a work of art.

In these guises, Collection_01 celebrates the modern woman and her authenticity. It is an ode to her inner strength, her effortless elegance and her ability to leave a lasting impression wherever she goes. Each garment is a statement that speaks of personal style and uncompromising quality, a message that resonates clearly: beauty is in the details, and quality is eternal.

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