Daniele Fiesoli Woman - Collection N01

A project that has always been kept in our company drawer, the women's collection is relatively young. The roots of this new adventure lie in the memories of a capsule linked to the men's collection, a fragment of inspiration presented in Italy in 2018. It was a taste of a bold concept that was taking shape, a prelude to the destiny that the women's collection would embrace. Over the subsequent seasons, this vision grew roots, found its essence and gained a unique identity. Then, with the hum of the new year, in January 2020 to be precise, it decided it was time to unveil itself completely, to emerge from the shadows and present itself to the world as an autonomous style statement.

Collection N01 SPRING-SUMMER 2024


A sovereign spirit that does not follow trends but creates them instinctively, affirming her personality by paying attention to the quality of the materials.


SS2024 Collection

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Imagine a woman dancing lightly, like a breath of relaxed elegance enveloping every step. Comfort merges with her essence.


SS2024 Collection

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Colours paint her world: bold accents and unexpected details are little secrets sewn into the dress that reveal her vibrant personality. Volumes create harmony between spaces and shapes. Precious materials envelop her body enhancing her uniqueness.

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SS2024 Collection

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A garment stolen from her man's wardrobe becomes a work of art of femininity, reinterpreted with charm and audacity.

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SS2024 Collection

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