Daniele Fiesoli Man - LAB Collection

"Here where everything changes while seeming motionless, we embraced the strategy of change as the only condition for survival."



A hymn to resilience, even when life is a challenge.

Daniele Fiesoli Lab finds its deepest inspiration in the enchantment of the interaction between light and matter. It is as if the entire universe collaborated in a symphonic ballet of waves and particles, giving rise to the magic of colours that paint the world. The autumn-winter 2023 'Lab' collection is a passionate homage to this eternal dialogue between light and the Earth, a symphony of tones and textures born from the fusion of light and fabrics.


FW2023 Collection

The colours themselves have a story to tell: they are the result of a dance between matter and light, an innate encounter that paints our world. Each fabric, like a blank canvas, absorbs and reflects the colours that make up the light spectrum. It is an act of incessant creation, in which matter comes to life through the flashes of light, giving shape and depth to clothing.

And when light rests on opaque surfaces, shadows are born, a choreography of shaded shapes that play with perception. Light is not only a source of illumination, but also an artist that shapes its surroundings, sculpting landscapes of light and darkness. And when it stumbles into obstacles, it deforms, creating kaleidoscopic plays of colours, shapes and textures that hypnotize the eye.

The 'Lab' collection is a visual ode to this interweaving of light and matter. Each garment has been shaped by light itself, creating a symphony of colours and details that defy perception. Fine fabrics become canvases of artistic expression, while seams become the features of an enigmatic design.

Daniele Fiesoli Lab FW23 Collection embraces the aesthetics of light. Each dress is a canvas on which reflections and shadows play to create a world of chromatic emotions. It is an invitation to experience the transformative power of light, to immerse oneself in a world of changing colours and to dance with the nuances of the soul. The collection is a narrative of beauty and depth that reveals itself to those who have the eye to see and the soul to feel.

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