Fashion is a trend. Style lives inside a person.

We don’t like trends, they make everyone look like one another. The characteristics of our man are: mattle, intelligence, strength, style. Add a little luxury to your style, following the fashion trends homologates the man.

Wear scruffy clothes and they will remember the dress. Wear style clothes and they will remember the man.

Fashion is changeable, on the other hand, style is innate.

Getting dressed is like making a good recipe: you need a right dose of character seasoned with intelligence and strength, adding a pinch of luxury, which is not to be considered the opposite of poverty but simply the absence of vulgarity.



Creativity. Research. Technology.

The "Armadio" collection speaks of quality of materials, style and service. A range of seasonal staples and future classics that belong to every man’s wardrobe. Inspired by the wardrobes of well-dressed men, past and present, made with the best materials, it is designed to be precise and wearable, as fashionable as it is timeless.

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